Inner Journeys

Imagine... connecting to our invisible powers, our links to creativity and heart, which are our connections to our Earth's living system?

Inner Journeys are one modality to reawaken our inner strengths and wisdom, to connect us more creatively with our outside world. 

For these journeys all you need is a quiet space, a good hour's time and an allowance for the critical mind to be a bit quiet. As you deeply relax into your own inner self, while held through the process by a trained guide, you tap into your own energy centers and aliveness.

When set in the form of a playful retreat and in nature, these journeys have the capacity to make you feel and listen - to the heart, to your companions and to nature itself. They establish and strengthen a genuine connection between yourself and the world through a deeply moving experience. 

Open up to the treasures and gifts this life has bestowed upon you! 

a playful retreat in nature

Your Guide: Kiki Sanne

For more information contact Kiki at or 0825629395

Personal Totem Pole Process

 (#)The Personal Totem Pole Process™

This inner work is a therapeutic process using imagination. It supports the individual to get in touch with his unlimited and complex energies and manifests them as pictures. These inner journeys have a dreamlike quality, but at the same time one is awake and takes part in the inner experience.

With this process you can, over time, unblock your healthy, creative energies and give the world a new set of colours.


My life's journey started in the forests of Germany. The next step was to get a degree in teaching at vocational schools, subjects English and Agriculture. When I first moved from Germany to South Africa, I explored how to connect to people through alternative styles of horse training in various parts of South Africa. A Game Ranger course ignited my love for the bush even more.

Having to relocate to my home country for 5 years, I did a 3- year training in the Personal Totem Pole Process™ (#) with founder Steve E. Gallegos. This is my preferred modality, although it is not the only form of inner journey work that I’m familiar with. Having the connection between humans and nature at my heart, I conducted various nature activities with children and did a Montessori Training.

Back in South Africa my son started at the Waldorf School, which led to a lot of investigation into the backgrounds of this education as well as engagement in preparing soulful events for the pupils. Through the opportunity to produce a couple of fundraising DVDs regarding the development of Waldorf schools in Alexandra and a small rural village in Limpopo, I got to know the problems of education in South Africa, Raising my own children and seeing the challenges in the schools, I realized the need for communication skills, which led to training in PET (Parent Effectiveness Training ) and becoming a TET-trainer (Teacher Effectiveness Training) in 2014. 

Mainly through inner journeys and journal work I want to support people in their own exploration of their relationship to their environment.  I hold a safe space for contemplation. Through this I hope to assist the reawakening of the human soul to aliveness, creativity and spiritual comprehension of the earth and universe, while staying rooted in the tasks of everyday life 
Reference: Angelic, June 2014 
Located on a hill, with an amazing view of the old lands of the Waterberg, lies the farmhouse where Kiki Sanne has led us on an Inner Journey under her guidance. 

An opportunity to just be and listen to our soul’s calling. A variety of exercises and experiences are offered in a safe and playful way. From journaling and watching the sunrise, to contemplating questions and playing hide and seek in the bush! All invoking our capacity to feel and listen – to our heart, our companions, and to nature itself – establishing and strengthening a genuine connection between ourselves and our world. Kiki shares her many years of experience and training in a very authentic way and she is able to address exactly what the group needs at any given moment.

An important aspect of her work is taking us on an inner journey to meet our animal guide. The journeys that unfold are an expression of our inner wisdom – ready to be revealed if we are willing to trust the process and to accept help and advice when offered. 

It is a deeply moving experience to be guided on such a journey and to describe the journey to others while it is happening. It is as if the inner and unseen world that guides us most of the time unconsciously, suddenly becomes very tangible and clear.   It is also very intimate to witness other people of the group describing their unfolding journey, and to share our experiences. The many warm, intense and beautiful moments have truly nourished my heart and soul – and the food prepared with love has done the same for my body.

I highly recommend a weekend with Kiki, to travel and arrive at the innermost place of our being….and to be able to touch the world with the magic recovered..   IVEMVANE  Mobile: 081 271 2297

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